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the know it all bag – the assisted knitting purse with led-lights

[14. April 2010 | Kommentare deaktiviert]

wir alle kennen es: das schwierigste am muster stricken ist wohl das memorieren des zu strickenden rapports.

aber jetzt gibt es : the know it all bag!

Fast Tube by Casper

“Knitting on the go, in pattern, can be tricky. How do you balance your pattern and your yarn and your needles while on the train, in the car, or in a waiting room?

Yep, this bag knows everything. It knows your row number, the chart for your stitch pattern, and where you are in that stitch pattern. Unlike the other know-it-alls in your life, it will gladly share information with you by displaying your row number and a chart for the current row of your stitch pattern in lights! The 10 LED lights act as a row counter and a charted pattern. And more important: just about any knitter could pull this off.

Really. Any knitter with a thirst for adventure and a few projects under their belt can do this.”

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