How everything started

Mummy always says:"At the time when you were still tiny and sweet...." What does she mean?? Probably she want to annoy us. Anyhow we wanted to show you here photos of us, when we were still ty and sweet. *g*
Our moving-day wasn't very funny. We were very afraid and we hid ourselves in the abandoned fire-place. This is the first official photo of us:
We were afraid!

Fortunately we in-lived ourselves fast. We noticed that the new "two-legs" were actually dear to us. There were sooo many interesting things to discover!!!
Iki ad his new cave:
Iki's cave

Orphi, the snake
The snake

We are playing "cars"
Honk honk!!

Iki, the freeclimber

Sometimes we got sleepy and slept a little bit/em>
Small X