Ela's gang of little rascals

The whole "zoo" lives with Mummy's friend Ela on the outskirts of Vienna.

The four cats:

Dinner time

Here you can see all together at their dinner.

He ist real gigant, like Orphi a "Grumble-bear" and sometimes as anxious as he. He is also very fixed on one person namely at ela. Maybe you can blame the colour for this?? ;-)))
He sustained many things. Once he caught a very bad and seldom virus (we can't remember the name) and he had to stay at hospital. Fortunately he picked back up. Since this time his stomach is very sensitive and he often has diarrhoea.

He is nearly as big as Phisto and is nearly a glutton as he. He was a bottle-fed kitten and now he still is sucking everywhere. When is is petted and stroken he adheres everywhere and drivels on everything. That's why our Mummy calls him "Gigantic-Baby".

Luz und unsre Mami

In memoriam: Hexe
Unfortunatly Hexe was killed by a car in August 2003.

In memoriam: Flori
After her very long life Flori was delivered from her afflictions in Spring 2003.

Last, but not least:
Raffi, the bretone
Raffi is a true sweet-heart and loves the cats. Although he is adult he plays like a puppy and is very cuddly
Ela rescued him from very bad animal husbandry. The former owners wanted him to be a hound because "it suits for a bretone" but Raffi didn't play along. He surely is qualified for many things but definitly not for Hunting and Killing