Our Gallery

And here are some portraits:
Orphi      Iki

January 2003

One of our favourite places
Our silly Mummy took the boxes away, so we can't sleep on them anymore. Sometimes she is really mean!!
I'm gonna eat you!!
The quality of the pic is really bad, but it's sooo funny!!!

November 2002

Time for Food!!

Iki tries to catch the enemy,
Orphi prefers a higher place.

February 2002

Orphi, the small lion
Here you can see Orphi with his mane which he got during last winter.
Orphi, the root vole
Orphi plays "hide and seek"
 useful application for electrical equipment
Iki, really sweet, dozing at one of his favourite places
Diabolical look!!
Iki tries to look evil *g*

November 2001

Iki, our cowboy-kitty
At last Iki found his dream-job.
He wants to be a cowboy!!
We are trying real hard to find tiny cattle for him *g*

Orphi, the rainforest explorer
Whereas Orphi wants to join the scientific world,
just like Mummy.
He doesn't want to become a chemist,
but prefers to be a rainforest explorer!!