I about myself

My fish and me!!

Hi everybody!
My name is Iki. I'm the "small" brother of Orphi. The two of us live with our Mummy Hansi in Vienna. There are three other "two-legs" at our flat, the boy-friend of Mummy=Daddy, his elder brother = Uncle and the best friend of Mummy = Mummy No. 2
Originally we are from a farm. Nobody liked us there anymore because we started eating on our own. We were very, very tiny when Mummy took us from there. Our exact age is known to nobody. We were born somewhere in the beginning of August 2000. We aren't celebrating our birthday but our moving-in-day which is the 10th of September 2000.
On the very first day I jumped from Mummy's shoulder and crashed down on the floor. Mama thought that I tried to fly and crashed. This reminded her of the myth of Ikarus and Daidalos and so I got my name.
My baby-age wasn't very funny. At first I had consistently diarrhoea and nothing really stopped it. When Mummy cooked chicken for me, it helped a little bit. I didn't grow and Orphi was much, much bigger then I was. So I got my second name: "Ikikind" which means "Iki-child". I was very sweet:

Once upon a time there was a little Iki-child!!

One day tried Mummy a new food, Nutro. The diarrhoea suddenly was away!!! She decided that my body couldn't handle something in the ordinary catfood from the supermarket. From that day on we only eat high-quality-food. In the meantime I catched up and now I'm a little bit huger than Orphi but I'm still called "Ikikind".
At the age of five months I had an abscess on my flank. Nobody knows how I got it. I had an operation and had to wear a ruff which was and is a very silly thing. The wound broke up wo days later and I had an emergency-operation. Mummy got up that morning and the whole living-room looked as if there were everywhere blood. So I got a drainage to get that liquid out of my body. Two weeks later everything was fine again but the hairs took very long to grow. A little bare point is lieft and when you know where to look, you can see my small "hole" in my fur.
Nevertheless I'm always funny and happy. Mummy says that I'm an "eternal child". Everything new has to be explored, I play hours with bags and rucksacks and I sleep as long as a kitten. *g* My favourite hobby is to hide in boxes and other caves. And last but not least there is my beloved goldfish on this angle. When I'm really bored I try to make Orphi angry and than we follow each other through the whole flat. That is very funny!!!!
Look how huge I am!!!
In the meantime I'm so huge, that I need two chairs!!

A very felicitous photo of mine; don't I look like a very bad boy???
Aren't I horrible???