Our Links


Our Friends

Very feline site of the "country cat"!!

Friends of Mummy, their two Norwegian Forestscats and their rat "Knopf"

Irmgard and Rudis cat-site
Site about 24 Viennese silk paws

Important Cat-Links

Our food delivery
We get our Nutro from this site.

Miau - The Discussion forum
Here you can find our Mummy most of the time.

poisonous plants and pharmacy
You can see which plants are poisonous for cats and other pets.

People from "Miau" are meeting here to talk about their cats.

animal protection links

Tigerfreund: very informative; the pictures are really heavy

Protect Animals Infos about so called "fighting dogs" and many other cruelties invented by bad people

Mummy's Links

www.neopets.com: Virtual pets:

Legend of the Green Dragon - Discworld Edition:
A very funny online-role-game in German

Bad Girls Magazine
Daddy's Band with many funny flash-things.

Rensch's Page
Mummy No. 2's site, not very large, but very funny.
Here is one of her masterpieces:

Mummy's family
You find old picture postcards of Mummy village and her "pedigree". *g*

Cat graphics for Websites

*NaNcY*'s Cat Animation Gallery
Animated pictures

CatStuff Graphics
many cat gifs, backgrounds and webthemes

I love Cats
Backgrounds, buttons, gifs and many, many links