Now we are talking about our Mummy!!

She is not only our Mummy, but also the food delivery woman, the automatic stroke unit and our play robot. Furthermore she is a very comfortable pillow when she is sleeping.

Mummy was born on the 21st of July 1980 and her name is Johanna (Joanna). She doesn't like it very much so everybody calls her Hansi. Christian calls her "Monster" and she names him "Nervensäge" which means nag. Nevertheless we believe that they like each other. They are a couple for more than 3,5 years and since September 2000 they live together.

Mummy grew up in a small village in the district Melk in Lower Austria. There she visited elementary and secondary school. Her family lives still there. You can visit them , if you want to. Then she visited the BORG in St. Pölten for four years. This is the abbreviation for "Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium", it's comparable with a grammar school and ends with some sort of A-levels. There she met Irene, her best friend. She also lives with us.
In October 1998 Mummy came to Vienna to study chemistry at university. When she is old enough, she will be a graduated poison mixer. *fg* At first she was very unhappy in Vienna because she missed Vivaldi. She sat very weekend three hours in a train to visit her family and him. When she and the others found a flat she was sure that soon cats should come. The others weren't very happy about this but Mummy was very, very wilful. When we came we took the others by storm. From the first day on everbody loved us.

Mummy loves all animal with one exception: mosquitos. She hates them because they want trink her blood. She is a vegetarian simply because she does not have the heart to eat an animal.

Mummy is easy to identify. Sie is quite huge, has long hair and wears always black clothes. When you see a large, very thin, completly black clothed girl which is coated all over with white hair (*g* It's Orphi's hair because he thinks that a little bit of colour would be very nice. *g*) then it's possible that she is our Mummy.

Mummy's hobbies
surfing in the internet and visiting thousands of cat homepages; you can meet her very often at the Miauforum. This is a German forum about cats.
Anything about Star Trek; other lonnies may recognize this at her email-adress It contains "imzadi". At any rate she didn't name us "Spock" and "Spot". *g*
Her faible for Greek mythology is to blame for our names. Since she has read the myths when she was ten she is hopelessy devoted to them.
She likes reading, first all all of course cat books. She also likes Shakespeare and Nestroy, Michael Ende and "good" science fiction what ever that means. (Orwell, Wells, Huxley, Bradbury ...) In last few months she got addicted to Tolkien and in summer 2004 she re-discovered Douglas Adams und Terry Pratchett. Since then she organized and read every single discworldbook in paperback.
Music: She likes classic: Vivaldi (very surprising *g*), Tschaikowsky, Ravel and Mozart. She often listens to musicals. Her favourite one is Cats. And she really loves Metal and Rock. Her favourites are Metallica, Apocalyptica, Guns n'Roses, Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi (only the old stuff). Additional she likes the music of the 60ies and 70ies: Beatles, Stones, Deep Purple and first of all Janis Joplin.

This is one of Mummy's virtual pets, AliaMausi:

imzadi666 got her NeoPet at

And this is the real AliaMausi. Her original name is Alia, she is a bat and lives on Mummy's belly. We are not allowed to play with her because she doesn't like claws. Sometimes we huddle against her. Then is completly covered by us. Mummy calls this playing "hot-water bottle" but she has no idea. *g*

Pictures of Mummy:

Mummy and Bino. She was very colourful when she was 12 years old. *g*

Mummy with Tiger, called Tiggi. (at the age of 16)

Mummy and Valdi (at the age of 18)