Cat names from Greek Mythology

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For Girls:

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Alkmene: Mum of Herakles
Ambrosia: divine dish
Andromeda: a constellation is named after her
Antigone: daughter of Ödipus
Aphrodite: goddess of love and beauty
Ariadne: Richard Strauss wrote a opera about her
Artemis: goddess of hunt and nature, lady of the animal world
Athene: goddess of wisdom

Danae: Mum of Perseus
Demeter: goddess of agriculture and growth
Dione: Mum of Niobe

Elektra: daughter of Agamemnon, revenged his death
Eos: goddess of dawn
Eris: goddess of discord
Europa: princess, "stolen" by Zeus
Eurydike: spouse of Orpheus *g*

Gaia: Terra

Harmonia: daughter of Aphrodite and Hades
Hebe: protector of eternal youth and "butler" in Olymp
Hekabe: spouse of Priamos, lived in Troja
Hekate: goddess of nocturnal wizardry
Helena: daughter of Leda and Zeus, is to blame for the Troianian war
Hera: protector of marriage and "god mother"
Hestia: goddess of hearth

Io: also stolen by Zeus
Iokaste: mother and spouse of Ödipus
Iphigeneia: daughter of Agamemnon, was sacrificed and brought to Tauris
Iris: olypmic messenger

Kalliope: muse of epic fiction and Mum of Orpheus
Kalypso: a nymph
Kassandra: daughter of Priamos, Seherin
Kassiopeia: Mum of Andromeda, also a constellation
Kirke: demigoddess, turned men into pigs *g*

Leda: because of her Zeus turned into a swan
Lethe: underworld-river - river of oblivion
Leto: mother of Artemis and Apollon

Maia: Mum of Hermes
Medeia: priestess with magical forces and spouse of Iason
Medusa: one of the Gorgones
Melanippe: a Amazon-leader, her name means "black horse"
Metis: goddess of wisdom

Nemesis: goddess, who gives everyone what he appertains
Nike: goddes of victory
Niobe: daughter of Tantalos

Pallas: friend of Athene
Pandora: bringer of all evils
Penelope: spouse of Odysseus
Penthesileia: Amazones-queen
Persephone: goddess of underworld, daughter of Demeter, spouse of Hades
Phoibe: one of the Titans, mother of Leto
Pythia: oracle priestess of Apollon in Delphi

Selene: goddess of moon
Semele: another concubine of Zeus
Sirene: singing creature, half bird and half girl
Skylla: monster
Sphinx: mysterious creature, a mix of lion, bull, eagle and man
Styx: underworld-river

Theia: one of the Titans, mother of Zeus
Themis: also one of the Titans, first spouse of Zeus, goddess of justice and law
Thetis: Mum of Achilleus

Urania: Muse of astronomy


For Boys:

A   C   D   E   H   I   K   L   M   N   O   P   S   T   U   Z

Achilleus: very important Greek heroe
Aeneas: son of Aphrodite, travels after the downfall of Troja to Italy
Agamemnon: king of Mykene, leader of all Greeks against Troja
Amphitryon: foster father of Herakles
Apollon: god of wisdom, music and chant
Ares: god of war
Asopos: a river-god
Atlas: carries the welkins on his back
Atreus: father of Agamemnon and Menelaos

Charon: ferryman of the dead to underworld

Daedalos: inventor, sculptor,... and father of Ikarus
Dionysos: god of wine

Erebos: primal divinity of darkness
Eridanos: underworld-river
Eros: god of love, son of Aphrodite and Ares

Hades: god of the underworld
Hektor: son of Priamos and Hekate, trojanian hero
Helios: god of sun
Hephaistos: god of fire, son of Zeus and Hera
Herakles: greatest Greek hero, son of Zeus and Alkmene
Hermes: messenger of the gods, protector of wayfarers
Homeros/Homer: greatest epicist of antic Greece
Hypnos: god of sleep

Iason: leader of the Argonauts
Ikarus: son of Daidalos, crashed into the sea, because the wax of his wings melt, when he tried to fly to the sun
Iolaos: nephew of Herakles

Kepheus: king of Aithiopia, father of Andromeda
Kerberos: three-headed dog in the underworld
Kreon: king of Theben
Kronos: Titan, overthrown by his son Zeus

Laertes: father of Odysseus
Laokoon: troianian priest

Menelaos: son of Atreus, king of Sparta and spouse of Helena
Mentes: king of Taphos and friend of Odysseus
Mentor: friend of Odysseus
Minos: son of Zeus and Europa, after his death: one of the judges over the dead
Morpheus: god of dreams

Naxos: an island
Nereus: sea god
Nestor: oldest, very wise Greek hero

Odysseus: ruler of Ithaka, went to Troja and sustained a very long odyssey
Oidipus/Ödipus: abandoned as child, married his mother
Olympos: "home-mountain" of gods
Orestes: son of Agamemnon, revenged his death
Orkus: the underworld
Orpheus: exceptionally gifted singer, followed his wife to underworld

Paian: doctor of gods, god of medicine
Pan: god of woods and pastures
Paris: son of Priamos, kidnaped Helena and caused the Trojanian war
Pegasos: winged horse
Peleus: father of Achilles
Pelops: son of Tantalos, the Peloponnes is named after him
Perseus: son of Zeus and Danae, great hero
Pheidias: sculpturor
Pluton: god of wealth and subterranean treasures
Pontos: god of semi-enclosed seas
Poseidon: god of oceans
Prometheus: brother of Atlas, was bound in Kaukasus, because he gave the fire to manhood
Priamos: king of Troja

Satyr: wood god
Sisyphos: king of Korinth

Tantalos: son of Zeus, he and his family were cursed because of his outrages
Telemachos: son of Odysseus and Penelope
Telemos: a prophesier
Thanatos: god of death
Theseus: king of Athen, great hero

Uranos: primal god, enclosed the space, father of the Titans

Zeus: son of Kronos, spouse of Hera, supreme god of Greeks