I about myself

I'm a quite enormous tomcat!!

Now it's my turn to introduce myself.
As Iki already told you, we are brothers. Even if we don't look like having the same mother, we have!! Wether we have also the same dad, nobody knows. I was always Ikis protector. On the day, when our new mummy took us in, I stood and laid before him at all times and snarled at very "two-legs". Within some days I realized that the "two-legs" were very nice to us and stopped with snarling. When Iki had his diarrhoea he really stank very ugly. He didn't check how to clean himself and so I did it. It took hours and hours to clean him. It was a real sisyphos-work!!
Only once I had to be bathed. It was in the very beginning because of these terrible flees. Mummy shampooed and washed us. It was really horrible. I meowed, cried, roared and naged all the time. But Mummy thought that this was cute und decided that I was a born singer like Orpheus from Greek mythology. She really has a spleen for this stuff.
I'm a very cute and cuddly cat. I run to Mummy consistently and want to be petted. That is her job and nearly nobody else is allowed to stroke me. Only when I'm angry with her I allow the other "two-legs" to pet me and so I'm trying to make her jealous. My hobbies are: smooching with Mummy, sleeping and grooming. Sometimes I like playing. I often quarrel with Iki but it's never really serious. Seconds later we reconcile and sleep next to and over each other.



I'm really a very nice, sweet, inocent and honest cat *fg*