The units in the reference value table are, as far as they could be converted, all together SI units.
SI is the abbreviation of Système International d'Unités, thus the international system of units.

base quantity unit symbol
length meter m
mass kilogram kg
time second s
electric current ampere A
temperature kelvin K
amount of substance mole mol
luminous intensity candela cd

Prefixes to form decimal multiples and submultiples of SI units:

symbol   a   f   p   n   µ   m   c   d   da   h   k   M   G   T   P   E
name atto femto pico nano micro milli centi deci deca hecto kilo Mega Giga Tera Peta Exa
factor 10-18 10-15 10-12 10-9 10-6 10-3 10-2 10-1 101 102 103 106 109 1012 1015 1018

Other Units:
enzyme activity: A common way of expressing enzyme activity is in terms of Units = U Units are defined as "That amount of enzyme to produce 1mmole of product per minute" under stated conditions of temperature, pH and substrate concentration.
The actual SI unit is however katal. It marks that enzyme quantity, that catalyzes the conversion of 1 mol substrate per second.