Now it's my turn

My name is Vivaldi and I'm living in the country with the parents of Hansi. Everybody calls me Valdi or Vivi. Originally my name should have been Tschaikowsky or Debussy but Hansi's sister couldn't pronounce the names at that time. I'm Hansi's tomcat but she didn't take with her when she went to Vienna for Studying. I'm very happy here in the country because I can run here outdoors, tease the neighbour cats and catch mice. I can't imagine living in a flat in the city. I would be very unhappy there. Unfortunatly I can't see Hansi very often. Everytime when she comes home, I'm allowed to sleep in her bed and she is especially nice to me!! Usually I'm not allowed to it, so I'm very, very happy when she is here.

I'm a foundling. Nobody knows how old I'm exactly. In September 1997 my brother and I were abandoned in front of the house of a friend of Hansi. My brother stayed there and I should have gone to the animal shelter. But Hansi didn't want this and so she took me with her. Everybody at her house loved and loves me. And this is how I looked:
Valdi and Mirli, Mummy's sister

In our house live Hansi's parents, her brother, her sister and I of course. In the beginning there was another "flatmate": Wuschi, the methusalem-guinea pig. Unfortunatly she had to be euthanized at the age of seven years because she couldn't walk and eat anymore and cried the whole day in pain. I'm nearly the whole day outdoor and visit the house only for eating and sleeping. Everytime when a member of the family is in the garden I'm at his site and collect some strokes. When it's raining I prefer the house and sleep all day. That's a very nice cat-life!!!!