In memoriam

Mummy's very first animal came across her in November 1990 in the garden. A little baby-hedgehog, not bigger than her palm, with very soft stings. Niki wouldn't have survived the winter. So he was brought in the house and Mummy's Daddy build a gigant cage for him. He is joiner you must know. They did it and the small sweetie survived. In spring he was released to nature. Every time, when Mummy sees a hedgehog, she remembers her little one.

Then the guinea pigs Miki, Wuschi and Maxi (all born in 1991) lived with the family. In the strict sense only Miki was Mummy's "Quietschi". The two others belonged to her brother and her sister. These three grew really old. Unfortunatly Miki laid one day dead in their cage and some days later Maxi also crossed the rainbow-bridge. They were five years old. Whereas Wuschi lived nearly three years longer and then sorrowfully had to be euthanized. On Vivaldi's site you can find further particulars because he had to honour to know her.

In summer 1992 Mummy found a wounded, striped teenage-tomcat at the roadside. She took him to the vet who didn't give chances of survival because the cat seemed to have internal wounds. He gave the cat a analgesic injection and Mummy took him to her house. Sie named him Bino and Bino was a very lucky cat. After two weeks on the sick bed he ameliorated his condition and soon he could run again. He always sat at the roadside and looked left and right before he crossed. In summer 1994 he vanished without a trace. He wasn't castrated because "this isn't common in the country".

In the meantime noone of the family could live without a cat and so Niki, a sweet tiny white kitten, came in September 1994. He was born on a farm and had many fleas. He was everybody's darling in the whole neighbourhood. He wasn't allowed to stay long on earth. An the 4th of November 1994 he ran after some kids across the road and was run over. The driver was also the Mummy of several cats and she was very sad. She took Niki and asked everywhere who the owner was. So she came to Mummy's house and explained crying what happened. Mummy will never forget this moment. Her parents buried Niki next to Miki and Maxi in the garden and every year they plant beautiful flowers.

After these two losses the parents of Mummy didn't want a cat at their side. It took three years but then Tiger tumbled in their lifes. The tiny midget and his three brothers were abandoned in a motor mechanic's garage who was a friend of Mummy's Dad. Monday morning when work started they found the kittens. Two of them didn't survive and the surviving lucky beggars were smudged all over with motor oil. When Mummy heard about this, she nerved her Dad all day long. So he got there and took one of the kittens with him. Tiger was a tiny tabby cat. He loved all "two-legs" and was always happy. The neighbour kids were allowed to sit him into their doll carriage. After three months he disappeared suddenly. Mummy is sure that someone took Tiger with him because he was so beautiful and confiding.

In September 1997 Vivaldi stalked in the life of Mummy's family. You can find more about him on his site.