Now we proudly present our "two-leg" slaves!!

Christian: Mummy calls him "Nervensäge" which means "nag". They share one room. The others have a room on their own. We don't understand this exactly. Mummy met Christian at university. He is studying computer science und is really good in these flash-things. We think that they are quite funny and always try to catch them. Furthermore he plays guitar in a band.
Photos of him and Mummy (Mummy is the person on the right *fg*)

Harald, the brother of Christian, also lives with us. He is studying mathematics and plays piano. It's very funny. You can sleep on, under and in it!! He is the sportiest of the "two-legs" and so he has to play with us. He has to run with the angle through the whole flat and we are haunting him. That's fun!!

The forth person here is Irene. She is Mummy's best friend and our Mummy No. 2. Especially Iki loves her dearly. She is also studying: something quite uncommon, prehistory and protohistory. Sie likes funny haircolors and changes it sometimes.
She has her own website:

She made this cute couple.

She likes sitting in front of the computer and making funny images. This one is made by her. We like it very much.